Inaugural ceremony of “A Carnival of Monggar 2024".

19 February 2024


The inaugural ceremony at Monggar public ground was a vibrant and auspicious event, graced by the esteemed presence of the chief guest Hon’ble Dasho Drangpon and attended by dignitaries such as Ven. Lam Neten, Dasho Dzongdag, Dasho Dzongrab, Dasho SP, DT Thridzin, LG leaders from Challing, Drepong and Monggar Gewogs, Regional and Sector Heads, Principals and teachers. The theme of the day, "Arts, Talents, and Creativity through Youth Engagement," set the tone for a celebration of cultural richness and youthful enthusiasm.

The proceedings commenced with the offering of His Majesty's Zhabtoen, a sacred gesture that symbolizes reverence and unity. Following this, the event was officially inaugurated through a digital ceremony, marking the beginning of the festivities.

The Principal of Monggar MSS, also a steering committee member for the carnival, extended a warm welcome to all attendees, emphasizing the significance of the occasion and the importance of nurturing artistic expression and talent in the youth. Dasho Drangpon, as the chief guest, imparted words of wisdom and encouragement, inspiring all present to embrace creativity and engage meaningfully with their talents.

The heart of the celebration was the cultural performances presented by the students of Monggar HSS, Monggar MSS and Kidheykhar CS, showcasing the diverse traditions and talents of the region. These vibrant displays of dance, music, and theater captivated the audience and exemplified the theme of the day.

Additionally, a thought-provoking talk by one of the youth participants, Mr. Dradol, a student of Gyalpoizhing HSS provided insight and inspiration, highlighting the potential for positive change and innovation through the empowerment of young minds.

To enhance the festivities and add to the vibrant atmosphere of the carnival, several stalls were meticulously arranged and displayed, offering a diverse array of goods and experiences to mark the special day.

Overall, the inaugural ceremony was a joyous and memorable occasion, uniting the community in a celebration of culture, creativity, and the boundless potential of youth engagement.