4-Stage Water Pump Project in Jurmey Gewog

19 September 2023


On September 16th, 2023, the Dzongkhag Tender Committee led by the Honorable Dasho Dzongdag of Mongar Dzongkhag handed over the completed  4-stage water pump Project to the beneficiary in Jurmey Gewog. The water pumped from Manchuree to Menchaphug will serve the communities of Menchaphug, Chingchari, Pegpela, Dangila, Tshampkhangs, and two Lhakhangs, covering 30 households.

The Project encompasses 1,400 meters of 50mm medium-class GI transmission pipeline running from the Sump Tank to the Ground Service Reservoir (GSR), ranging from an elevation of 1085 msl to 1673.12 msl.  The Project includes eight 15HP centrifugal pump sets (two each at each station) with control panels and backups at the Sump Tank and three intermittent tanks. A 15HP water pump discharges 2.50 lps of water to a cumulative height of 588.12 meters.

There are five RCC tanks -three 23cum intermittent tanks, a 50cum Sump Tank at the intake, and a 75cum RCC reservoir tank at a hillock. The project cost is Nu.14.46 million, executed on contract under Water Flagship. The Project is designed for 30 years with a population growth rate of 2% on the existing population of 180 heads.

The beneficiaries will develop an SOP for using the water pump, covering all aspects, including sustainability.