Dzongkhag Administration, Mongar

mon n sur


Largely undiscovered, eastern Bhutan is a region rich in culture and sites not well known to most tourists nor their tour operators. This is due, in large measure, to the historic reality that entry was through Bhutan's only airport at Paro in the west. This made the eastern region relatively inaccessible unless the visitor was willing to go back across Bhutan on the only highway. Recently, however, with entry and exit points at Samdrup Jongkhar and easy access through the Guwahati International airport in India, the East has opened up. Travelers can now cross Bhutan without going back over the same route.

The following information about Mongar and its surroundings is intended to attract any and all visitors trekkers, art historians, religious tourists, philosophers, cyclists, naturalists, or just the curious to visit places that are off the beaten track and not yet mentioned in most guide books. It will hopefully serve to encourage visitors to see nature at its best and enjoy the authentic Bhutanese way of life. Those who inhabit this region are eager to use their well-honed English, become your hospitable guide and host, and delight you in any way they can. Their charm and warmth is unparalleled.

This guide provides information about half day /full day/ multiple day visits. Many excursions can be combined or lengthened depending on the preferences of the client. The information found here was compiled in the spring of 2010 and many of the access roads will have been upgraded when this goes into circulation. The anecdotes and stories are all accounts provided by local religious leaders, villagers and district administrators, all of whom were pleased to contribute..