national Day

116th National Day

17 December 2023

The 116th National Day of Mongar Dzongkhag Administration was celebrated at the Public Ground, with attendees including Mongar Rabdey, regional heads, sector heads, RBP, De-Suup, schools, the business community, and the public of Mongar.

Nangten Jelkha

16 December 2023

The Mongar Dzongkhag Administration, in collaboration with Mongar Rabdey, unfurled the Guru Rinpoche Thongdrel and displayed sacred Nangtens today at the Mongar Norbu Choeling Dzong as part of the build-up program for celebrating the 116th National Day

Civil Service Award

15 December 2023

As a part of build-up program dedicated to the celebration of the 116th National Day, the Dzongkhag Administration, Mongar organized the Royal Civil Service Award Ceremony for the year 2023 at the Dratshang Kuenrey today.