Aja Ney

                                        One of the meditation caves of Aja Ney.
                                   On the way to Mongar Aja Ney.


The renowned Aja Ney is located at an altitude of more than 3,500 meters under Sherimuhung Gewog. The most sacred are the 100 imprints of the sacred syllable “Aa” on the rock-cave left by Guru Rinpoche besides numerous other sacred sites. The Nye also has a medicinal spring which the locals believe can cure 18 diseases besides a nearby pool called Awa Chhu (now known as Uma Chuu). It is said to remove defilements in a person. It takes a minimum of three days to complete a pilgrimage to all the sacred sites.

There is a belief that Omba Ney of Trashi Yangtse, Aja Ney of Mongar and Hungrel Dzong of Paro are three equally important religious sites in Bhutan because their names start with the letters Om, Ah and Hung to complete the Buddhist Mantra of Om Ah Hung. The trail connecting Aja Ney and Ugyen Draphu in Mongar, and Sheri Dzong in Mongar-Trashi Yangtse border has made pilgrimage more convenient. The pilgrims can further trek to either Trashi Yangtse or Phuningla in Lhuentse via a trail connecting three districts.